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Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:57 am Reply with quote
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Hi Stephen

If no path is , the file is saved in your current working directory. If you use the small menu at the bottom of the File open dialog you can go to the working directory and can find your file there. The same menu lets you change it. When Genstat starts you will see a SET [WORKINGDIRECTORY=] command that sets this. You can add your own set command in the program to change this.


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On 7/11/2018, at 7:59 PM, Stephen Senn <stephen@SENNS.DEMON.CO.UK (stephen@SENNS.DEMON.CO.UK)> wrote:

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I wish to use EXPORT to save some data in Excel. I have entered the following code into a program
TEXT OutFile; VALUE='Nature.XLSX'
EXPORT [OUTFILE=OutFile; METHOD=overwrite; SHEET='Figure4LHS']\

And the program runs with no error message. However, I can’t find the file I presume it has created. Will this file be written to the same directory the program is in or does a file path have to be set?

Stephen Senn

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