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  ASReml  ~  Character state view of RRAM models in ASREML standalone

Electric Monk
Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:53 am Reply with quote
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Hi All,

I am have compared a series of models looking at the reaction norms of dates of birth in response to temperature at two sites as two separate univariate random regression animal models following the general outline given HERE. The form of the most complex model, and the one that has the best LogL for one of the sites is:

DOB ~ mu GestTemp,
residual at(Year).units

Where GestTemp is environmental temperature, TrueID is the ID of the mother (with a pedigree), Year is the year of the study (I have data covering 16 years) and the "residual at(Year).units" line specifies heterogeneous residual error by year.

I want to report the variance components (Vphenotypic, Vadditive_genetic , Vpermenant_environment, Vyear and Vresidual) of the model (following a character-state approach) with standard errors ... I.e. these components at standardised temperatures of -1, 0 and 1 (there is a year at 0 GestTemp on this scale). I also want to report the coefficient of variance and the heritability.

Vphenotypic obviously is the sum of the other variance components (and won't have an SE), and heritability is Vadditive_genetic/Vphenotypic.

For the other site there is no evidence of an IxE interaction. i.e., the best model is:

DOB ~ mu GestTemp,
residual at(Year).units

So, for this model I want to report the same variance components, but over all the records... so Vresidual needs to be across all years.

I've searched a lot online and in the User Guide (v4), but am struggling to figure out how to do this in ASREML standalone.

Thanks for anyone's help, and apologies if this is a simple fix - I'm trying to figure this analysis out without anybody around who's able to help.

Electric Monk

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