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Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:05 pm Reply with quote
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Dear Linc,

Sorry you cannot do this by commands. The client can add pointers interactively
to a spreadsheet file with the Spread | Sheet | Pointers menu. This can be to any
set of columns if you make a column selection first. However, these pointers are
only created when you open the spreadsheet in the client, rather loading it
directly to the server with SPLOAD. But if you install the Biometris library
(from https://www.wur.nl/en/product/Biometris-GenStat-Procedure-Library-Edition-19.htm),
you could add a text column containing the names of the columns to be in the pointer
to the spreadsheet and convert it to a pointer with the FPOINTER command.
Here’s some code that demonstrates this:

VARIATE A,B,C,D; VALUES=!(1...9)+0,10,20,30
TEXT TPointer; VALUES=!T(A,B,C,D,4(''))
SUBSET [TPointer.ni.''] TPointer
FPOINTER TPointer; Pointer
PRINT Pointer[]; DEC=0

Regards, David.
Dr David Baird Statistical Consultant and GenStat Developer
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From: GENSTAT-Request <GENSTAT@jiscmail.ac.uk> On Behalf Of Linc Schmitt
Sent: 13 August 2018 11:52 PM
Subject: spreadsheet pointers

Just using the command language, is there a way to save pointers that contain subsets of vectors in a spreadsheet, as spreadsheet pointers? FSPREADSHEET can save a pointer to all the vectors in a spreadsheet via the POINTER option. I really want to save a series of pointers to various subgroups, that would then be available when the spreadsheet is replaced.


Linc Schmitt

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