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  ASReml  ~  Estimating heritability from fa model

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:12 am Reply with quote
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I use the following asreml models to evaluate genotype and environment interaction in canola.
diag.asr <- asreml(yield ~ env, random = ~ diag(env):Variety+at(env):Rep/HT,
rcov = ~at(env):Variety:Rep, na.method.X="include", data = mydata, maxiter=50)
fa1.asr<- update(diag.asr, random=~fa(env,1):Variety+at(env):Rep/HT)
fa2.asr<- update(fa1.asr, random=~Variety:fa(env,2)+at(env):Rep/HT)
I want to calculate heritability of variety across the environments. I use Cullis et al. (2006) formula (h2=1-att/(2σv^2) to calculate the heritability.

I can extract variety variance for individual environments from the diagonal elements of the variance matrix. However, when I calculate the heritability, I need only one genetic variance. In this case, how can I calculate the genetic variance from the variances of different environments?

Your suggestion will be appreciated very much.

Heping Zhang
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