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  ASReml  ~  Closure of the asreml-l list and migration to VSN forum

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:04 pm Reply with quote
Dear asreml-l list users,

We, the ASReml Project team, hereby advise that the asreml-l discussion list will close on 31st March 2010. We invite you to continue discussing ASReml matters using the ASReml forum at http://www.vsni.co.uk/forum .
The asreml-l list on the NSW DPI server has been in operation since August 2004 to provide users with a means of discussing problems and applications of the ASReml software.

The ASReml forum was created on VSN forum webpage http://www.vsni.co.uk/forum in August 2008, alongside other forums for Genstat and general forums, with the plan of eventually replacing the asreml-l list.

Between then and now, both the asreml-l mailing list and ASReml forum on VSN have been in operation. A mirroring technique has been used so that any post sent to the mailing list is also seen on the forum, and any post placed on the forum is seen on the mailing list. But this mirroring was only intended as a temporary measure while both the mailing list and forum co-existed.

We plan to automatically subscribe any asreml-l users who are not already forum subscribers. Could you please email me (damian.collins@industry.nsw.gov.au) if you do not wish to automatically join the forum.

For people who are used to monitoring asreml-l list activity via email, note that a web-based forum is different from a mailing list.
However, you can request the forum to email you a digest of activity, either on a daily or weekly basis. To do this, you will need to
1) log onto the forum
2) click on Digests (this is found near the top of the screen, underneath the banner, on the line starting "Index FAQ Search Profile...."). This will present you with a page of options.
i) You will need to select either Daily or Weekly for the very first option "Type of Digest Wanted"
ii) You may also wish to change the last option "Send digests for these forums". By default, your digest will contain activity for all forums on http://www.vsni.co.uk, not just the ASReml forum.
iii) You can also modify the other options to control the digest and its contents.
iv) Once you have made the necessary modifications, click "Make Digest Changes" at the bottom of the page.

The asreml mailing list was previously hosted by Andrew Swan at CSIRO from 1997-2002, and searchable list archives from this period are still available at http://www.arm.li.csiro.au/lists/asreml/ .
We also plan to provide searchable list archives for the asreml-l list from 2004-2010 on the internet - more details will be advised shortly.

We would like to thank the NSW DPI IT support staff, in particular Jihong Li, for hosting the asreml-l list at NSW DPI over the last 7 years.


Dr Damian Collins, Senior Biometrician, I&I NSW
damian.collins@industry.nsw.gov.au (damian.collins@industry.nsw.gov.au)
on behalf of the ASReml Project Team

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